Driven by passion and a strong belief in ourselves and our capabilities, we started to create our wine empire. Although we knew that in front us was not an easy job, we decided together to immerge in it together, paving our own paths and to writing our history, while listening to the heart.

Creating wines for our taste, improvising, playing in the winery and carefully cultivating grapes in the vineyard resulted in wines increasingly recognized year by year.
The overall success of creating a winery also contributed to the forming of our own family. Our daughters, Rubi and Mare, are our biggest incentive, and making wine dedicated to them is a special feeling.

We are not afraid of risk because we like to improvise, we are not afraid of failure because we are aware that there are better and worse harvests. But our goal is to give the maximum every year, to transform our emotions into wine, to create harmony in order that others can truly enjoy it.
Wine is feeling. Wine is art. If you don’t feel it than you can’t create a real product. Wine is the soul of the winemaker transformed into heavenly nectar.

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