“Wine is made in the vineyard and it’s fined in the winery” is a saying that many of the best winemakers will attest to. Carefully selected grapes are delivered to the winery to become part of a new beginning, and after aging under controlled conditions turned into an eruption of pleasures.

Our story began in the garage of our family home in Pula, so we expanded the production to the yard and garden, and then when water came up to our necks it was time for a change. While visiting the various wineries, learning constantly, flipping through books and magazines, we created an image in our heads on what our winery should look like, and we slowly started trasforming images into reality. And so came our Wine station – the southernmost wine station in Istria. Following our intuition we got a space that has excellent conditions for wine production processes – unloading and processing of the grapes, vinification, to aging and maturing of our wines.

It is a modernist building, with straight lines, dominated by concrete and glass. Although from the outside it looks very simple, the space inside is very interesting since it’s design tasting room is lowered into the area, so while enjoying a glass of wine you overlook our barrel room. We wanted to create a space through which wine lovers see and experience hedonism through our eyes, while feeling comfortable and relaxed at the same time.