Wine is a social medium, a link that connects people enriching them to a new experience. It is both food and medicine – food for true hedonists who enjoy every bite, a cure for those who suffer from irreversible pleasure.



The first vintage of Malvasia with a new modern label expression. The label follows the stylistics. Wine for the young in years and spirit. Modern, crisp, fresh drinkable wine. On the nose, citrus and green apple fruit with a floral hint of Istrian meadow flowers, and light vinously rounded typical varietal scent, giving Ponente from this vintage complexity and modern

Rubi Rosé

Screw cap, but unchanged label. Reductive – vinuos beginning, introduction to red fruit, floralfirecracker that explodes and turns into a dirt beetroot aromatic complexity. In the mouth freshness, grapefruit-raspberry-colored coat is lost in the middle of minerality, long aftertaste.
Fruitiness and softness of merlot, strength and sharpness of tannic cabernet sauvignon, cherry and pepper syrah hide behind teran. Freshness, fruitiness raspberry and violet flowers dominates this Rose.

CHE Teran

Teran in the Trapan wine station flows from the tap, is in the bloodstream of the winemaker and so it’s the only ingredient of this monovarietal sparkler. Melted raspberry jelly candy mixed with smoked salmon is what you see in the glass.
Fragrant raspberries vinosity wrapped in violet petals, which dominate the brioche and make this sparkling aperitifly dominant. Teranic blood, without sweat, and with tears of salinity, caress the mouth and sings in a hedonistic sunset of old Istrian, teran varietal, Mediterranean, cheerful wine.
Smooth, fruity, salty.


Golden yellow glare gives an intro on the processing method and quality of the grapes, the greenish infraction on youth and aging potential. Laser accurate first nose indicates toasted almonds in butter, turning into sage-chamomile floral hints with ripe freshness of yellow-green fruit, dipped with sage honey. Complex. More “nose”, more pleasures!

Nigra Virgo Revolution

Freshness and violet from Teran, currant from Cabernet Sauvignon, the cheery of Syrah, finesse and raspberry from merlot intertwine in the nose whilst the eye enjoys a thick viscosity of ruby red claws and purple hues.
The palate detects smoothness, freshness, fine tannicity, minerality, wide and long aftertaste. Teranic freshness, florality and youth, complemented with a serious extractivity and tannicity from Cabernet Sauvignon, leaning on the fruitiness and pepper from Syrah, finishes with Merlot fruity softness. But Teran, the flagship of this and all future red and rose wines from the Trapan winery dominates and essentially determines this wine.

Teran Terra Mare

At first glance looks quite dense. Predominant red ruby , only a slight purple glare gives the mark of¸personality that is in the glass. Under a light coal smoke, the first smell pierces with sanguinacio, budin noir, black pudding mixed with finochio, smoked pork sausage with fennel.
The second smell begins with raspberry fruitiness, riddled through flower of violet and ends with pepery-spicy-herbal complexity of Mediterranean maquis. In the mouth, undoubtedly Teran. Fresh, fruity, slightly tannic and smooth. The dark horse of Istrian winemaking, in Trapans expression justifies the use of this term.


Rubinsko crvene žive boje. Gusto. Miris čist, intenzivan i kompleksan. Sortan. Voćnost crvenog i plavog šumskog ukuhanog voća, začinske paprene note i pregršt tercirarnih aroma duhana, čokolade, kože, zemlje. U ustima dugačko, svileno, široko i užitno. Punoća i trajanje. Velik potencijal starenja. Iako na pola puta između Australije i Francuske, ipak je bliži pradomovini. I tu je na pola puta između Cornasa i Cote Rotie. U suštini odaje pečat istarskog juga na svom internacionalnom porijeklu. Vodnjanska maslina i istarska crljenica u ustima, a fažanska črišnja na nosu i ‘zajiku’.

Dark Rose

Vino je rubinsko crvene boje. Gusto. Tipična muškatna aroma praćena u pozadini začinsko (klinčić, cimet, čokolada), cvjetno (suha ljubičica) i voćno (ukuhana višnja, trešnja) određenim zaleđem. Poluslatko, viskozno i dugotrajno u ustima. Istovremeno sočno i svježe. Boba muškata ruže raspukla na pralini i keksu od crne čokolade i višanja.