Che Teran 2012

Teran in the Trapan wine station flows from the tap, is in the bloodstream of the winemaker and so it’s the only ingredient of this monovarietal sparkler. Melted raspberry jelly candy mixed with smoked salmon is what you see in the glass.
Fragrant raspberries vinosity wrapped in violet petals, which dominate the brioche and make this sparkling aperitifly dominant. Teranic blood, without sweat, and with tears of salinity, caress the mouth and sings in a hedonistic sunset of old Istrian, teran varietal, Mediterranean, cheerful wine.
Smooth, fruity, salty.
Wine: CHE
Variety: 100% Teran
Region: South Istria
Position: 100% Cuf near Šišan, Pula, altitude 50-55 m, SSW exposition, sunny the whole day, very airy. A deep profile of the Istrian red, occasionally skeletoid soil, excellent chemical and mineralogical characteristics, presence of natural humus
Growing form: one sided Guyot
Yield: 3,0 – 4,0 kg/vine
Harvest time: mid-September 2012
Vintage: 2012, an extremely dry year, 160 days without rain, by the end of August. Very challenging year for the vineyards and winemakers. Low yields. Huge risk taken by waiting the rain finally brought excellent
Vinification: Careful pressing of whole grapes, fermentation under controlled conditions, 15 to 16°C. Sparkler made in the classic method, fermented in bottles (Champagnoise).
Aging: 12 months on the lees, degorgment in 06/2014
Pairing (recommendations): Aperitif wine, which will force you to look for food, and then pair very well with the first part of the menu, especially the cold appetizers of meat, fish and vegetarian particular
ingredients. Fish & Chips – potato chips with anchovy fillets, Bruschetta with chicken liver pate, raspberry jam and caprese salad, are good examples.
Glass: Type Riedel Malvasia or similar, for Sauvignon Blanc, flute
Serving temperature: 6 – 8ºC
Specifications: Alcohol: 11.6% vol; Acid: 7.7 g / l; unfermented sugar: 1.7 g / l; pH: 3.10; extract: 17.9 g / l
Packing: 6 bottles




CHE Teran 2012 – Curriculum Vitae  PDF