Terra Mare 2012

At first glance looks quite dense. Predominant red ruby , only a slight purple glare gives the mark of¸personality that is in the glass. Under a light coal smoke, the first smell pierces with sanguinacio, budin noir, black pudding mixed with finochio, smoked pork sausage with fennel.
The second smell begins with raspberry fruitiness, riddled through flower of violet and ends with pepery-spicy-herbal complexity of Mediterranean maquis. In the mouth, undoubtedly Teran. Fresh, fruity, slightly tannic and smooth. The dark horse of Istrian winemaking, in Trapans expression
justifies the use of this term.
Wine: Terra Mare
Variety: 100% Teran
Region: South Istria
Position: 100% Cuf near Šišan, Pula, altitude 50-55 m, SSW exposition, sunny the whole day, very airy. A deep profile of the Istrian red, occasionally skeletoid soil, excellent chemical and mineralogical
characteristics, presence of natural humus
Growing form: one sided Guyot
Yield: 1,1 – 1,5 kg/vine
Harvest time: the third week of September 2012th
Vintage: 2012, an extremely dry year, 160 days without rain, by the end of August. Very challenging year for the vineyards and winemakers. Low yields. Huge risk taken by waiting the rain finally brought excellent results.
Vinification: Careful crushing of the grapes, “cold soak” for 4 days, 10 days maceration, fermentation under controlled conditions (22 – 24ºC). Followed by malolactic fermentation (MLF) in barrels.
Aging: 12 months in barriques of French oak. Aged 120 days in bottles. Bottled unfiltered.
Pairing (recommendations): Slice of Istrian prosciutto, fattier aged cheese with truffles, pork loin and Istrian sausages, pork belly slow and long baked in a vacuum with Mediterranean herbs, tuna (bonito) baked in the oven or on the grill with black olives and rosemary will show the culinary potential of this wine, and once again confirm the thesis that Istria is the strongest wine and food destination of Croatian.
Glass: Burgundy for Pinot Noir or Barolo
Serving temperature: 14 – 18ºC
Specifications: Alcohol: 14.0% vol; Acid: 6.6 g / l; unfermented sugar: 2.1 g / l; pH 3.45 extract: 27.6 g / l
Packing: 6 bottles

Teran Terra Mare 2012 – Curriculum Vitae  PDF