Food & Wine Station

To provide the visitors of our winery with a complete experience of enjoying quality Trapan wines, we have recently decided to expand our offer to gastronomic pleasures. Wine Station, our elegantly decorated degustation hall, apart from quality wine etiquettes, now also offer top culinary specialties prepared for you by Lorena Božić and Ettore Vignandel – experienced duo whose creativity in preparing tasty meals will certainly be a pleasant surprise for all our guests. Special menu of the Wine Station is based entirely on seasonal ingredients and local products in order to provide our guests with the exceptional freshness of flavor with every new bite.

Lorena, born here in Pula, and Ettore, who came from Italy, where they also had a dining place of their own, gathered their culinary knowledge and experiences all over the world traveling to almost every continent from most of the European countries all the way to Africa, Asia and America. Finally, they decided to settle down here in Croatia tempted by the idea of providing guests with an unusual combination of Croatian and Italian cuisine. They are not afraid to experiment and search for new gastro courses, use spices like cumin, coriander, nutmegs, cinnamon, curry and many other aromas and flavors, all in order to transfer their gourmet vision onto the palates of their guests.

They met Bruno, owner of Trapan winery, by accident, but that one moment was enough to open the space for cooperation, especially since it seemed from the beginning that Trapan wines and Božić-Vignandel dishes have a lot in common. Visit us and enjoy perfectly accidental, but still irresistible combination of wine and gastro culture.

Some of the spring delicacies you can taste at our Food station:
• Gnocchi made with homemade skuta cheese and thyme, and lamb ragout
• Spring risotto with goat cheese and beetroot
• Rabbit meat rolls “Alla Mediteranea”
• Lamb chops with fragrant potatoes and yoghurt sauce

WORKING HOURS: 13:00 – 23:00
Sunday and Monday closed.

The tasting room is open by appointment, usually in the afternoon or evening. Reservations can be made via mobile phone or an e-mail. The winery and tasting room are open for groups up to 30 people, as that is the capacity of the tasting room, and individual visits are aslo always welcome. Tasting includes a tour of the winery with expert guidance of the enologist or winemaker/owner.

Book your appointment and enjoy wine and dine magic in the most southern Wine station in Istria.